Sheila Touchstone has a BS from Suffolk University in Boston and began her career as an intern helping produce the Ten Oclock Evening News on PBS and later went on to help produce an early morning radio talk show, where she wrote air-time ads and jingles.

After college, she pursued work as a performer (actor, singer, dancer) and worked in various markets including Boston, New York City, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

Ten years later, she got married and started a family.  She also started her own video production company called Legal Visual.  Here, she was responsible for content creation and full production of video used within the legal arena.  She was able to write her own scripts and hire local actors and voice-over talent.  Some of her productions included:  A-day-in-the-life, accident reconstructions, animations etc. 

After a twelve year run, she went to work in Corporate America as a team director, charity event planner, and executive and personal assistant.

With her children getting older and being performers themselves, she started using her experience and management skills  to "mom-manage" them.  Several years later, she opened her own Talent Management Company in Los Angeles.